What Triggers Weight Gain?

Weight gain happens when the amount of food eaten way surpasses the amount that your body need to function and when you do not do sufficient physical activities that will jump start your body into burning the extra fat that accumulates.  Quite often these physical activities can lead to muscle building as well.
One of the biggest causes of disease in teenagers and adults in today’s society is obesity and other food related triggers. Children rarely fall into this category because of the kinds of activities they engage in on their day to day lives though this culture is also changing very fast because of technology and the many activities like video games and television that are keeping more and more children away from the play ground and all cooped up in tiny, air less rooms.
With every passing new day, life’s ever changing ever increasing challenges pile up and yet we are still required to perform the same duties and our responsibilities only increase. It’s therefore no wonder that so many people are walking around stressed and depressed. The most common thing a stressed person is bound to do other than sit around pitifully and mope over their problems is eat. Good healthy nutritious food like fresh fruits and vegetables is not as tasty as sweet mouth watering snacks like cookies, chocolate cakes to name just a few.
Comfort eating is the fastest way to gain weight since one tends to do shove something in the mouth every five minutes they feel bad eventually ending up consuming tones of unhealthy calories and sleeping it away, ensuring that the gained fat snugly slid into the abdomen, hips and backside. Weight gain is therefore very common among dissatisfied, stressed people.
All weight gain is however not as a result of the lifestyle choices you make but it can also be a symptom of a disease in your body. Kidney failure hinders the body from correctly expelling poisonous toxins in the right manner hence the toxins accumulate in the body causing a slight weight gain. This can lead to death if it is not medically taken care of. The thyroid gland plays a very important role in our bodies and its one of the major glands that regulates weight gain and weight loss. When it fails to work, the body’s metabolism is messed up and the energy levels from the food we eat goes down inherently putting the body in danger of shutting down. The thyroid gland produces T4-tetraiodothyronine and T3-triiodothyronine hormones which determine how cells use the energy from food and body metabolism at large. So when metabolism slows down, the nutrients we take up from food is in turn stored up as fat consequently leading to weight gain.  However, there are also very healthy ways to increase weight as seen at rapidmusclebuilding.net.
Pregnancy is also a sure way of gaining weight. As the baby grows, its body mass also increases. This coupled with the added weight of the amniotic fluid housing the baby in the uterus brings about tremendous weight gain to the mother. The mother’s diet and appetite also changes though this differs with every individual,
During menopausal phase, hormonal changes might cause a swell in appetite leading to some weight gain. The body is changing in composition which might make it trickier to shed off any excessive weight.
Another reason why a lot of people, especially women increase weight is since they don’t actually eat enough food. When the body is not consuming sufficient food, the body metabolism tends to slow down and your body will begins to store more fat.
The attractiveness of some low-carb foods and diets has led to deficiencies of fiber among the dieters. Fiber is crucial to losing weight and maintaining also to the maintenance of a healthy weight. It promotes bowel health and also lends a feeling of completeness that assists you to consume less food.
The modern day demands of career and managing the family might cause a lot of women to put on pounds. This is because stress makes the body to go into a kind of crisis mode. The result is that the body will begin to become sluggish and start storing fat.
A lot of women will engage on numerous occasions in what is termed emotional eating of stuff. This is normally a reaction to incoming depression and also an attempt at filling the void in life through intake of food. Comfort foods such as chocolate and other sweets may soothe the soul, but they expand the waistline.